Friday, June 3, 2011

My current project

Soon to be drawing it in illustrator for computer design and then as batik painting as well. lots of work, aint it?

My latest scrapworks

Just to update some of my scrapworks from last year to this yr..just as payback..cuz i kno i didnt update for more than 1yr (was it 2 yrs? :P) any comment/critiques are welcome

my latest portrait illustration

My latest self portrait illustrations

These are my latest self-portrait illustrations, in which i used the same portrait but creating 2 different designs :o) enjoy my beauty hahaha... (angkat bakul)..did it for my recent illustration demo during the international sharing educational strategy conference (something sounds like that) at the chancelor hall university Brunei Darussalam.

My self portrait using A.illustrator

1st editing using photoshop..

2nd editing using photoshop.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Portrait Illustration Project

Portrait Illustration Project

Im still new with illustrator, learnt it this semester in my uni. I usually do graphic designs using photoshop. These are some of my illustration works. Some of it are kind of realistic portrait illustration.


Hey! Im back...i know it's been a while...the last time i blogged was in 2010....but i was loaded wt too much works and assignments. Starting back my university life in August 2010. So here i am, blogging again. i cant promise that i will blog often but u can checkout Designer's Crib in facebook to view some of my latest illustration project.

Here are some of my recent works

My recent painting for the ICE Exhibition @ UBD Chancellor Hall

Two of the Sketches for Batik paintings - a collaboration work wt my lecturer.

Friday, August 6, 2010

2010 updates

Hey peeps!
it's been a while since i last update this blog. Been very busy with overloaded works, i seriously think i need to update this just to keep inform and share what i've been doing so far. Lots of artworks, illustrations, scrapbooking and even photography works for the past few months. will try to upload more when ever i got free time alrite! it's a promise. For the meantime, i will upload some of my fav works this year. <3

This is my take on the Upost Poster contest organized by and sponsored by

below are some of my works this year:

Scrapbook LO (my calendar album project)

This is what we called "BOKEH" (my take on photography!)

& Finally my "BOKEH" artwork in progress...

more pics updates from previous mths will be uploaded soon.

lots of love;

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Remember i promised to update on the progress of this drawing? sorry it's a late update...and it's glad to share the final outcomes and some of my students outcomes... Enjoy TFL everyone!

It was time to work on the bottle...

The finished drawing....

and here are my students' artworks:

Siti Nurul Qasdina (Men.5C)

Siti Nadhirah (Men.5E)
Khairunnisa Ansari (Men.5E)

Shazeerah (Men 5Sc.2)

Yu Sze Tee (Men 5sc2)
Nurhidayah (Men.5E)
this is it for now...